Join Norwich Credit Union

Apply online today and you will be enrolled as a provisional member and can start saving immediately. You will receive a Membership Number (to use in all correspondence please) and note that ID needs to be provided within one month. Membership fees (£4 each year) are deducted from Savings at £1 every three months. You need to live, work or study anywhere within the county of Norfolk or in an NR postcode area. This covers the postal areas NR1 to NR35, PE14, PE30-PE38, IP20-IP22 and IP24-IP27.

Click here to see what ID is required for joining.

If you are a Broadland Housing Tenant, please enter "BHA" in the "Promotional Code/Broadland Housing" text box.


Acceptable Forms of ID

What ID do I need for joining?

A minimum of 2 separate items of ID are required.

1) To prove your name:
Photo ID from a government issued document (central or local government). The document must provide either a date of birth or residential address. Acceptable ID includes a Passport, Driving Licence, Student ID card, Bus Pass, Staff card, (public sector or major employer), EU ID card, Home Office Doc. Permission to remain in UK, Naturalisation papers, Birth Certificate, NHS medical card, Citizen’s Card, National Probation Service Or, photo and address ID in one document (usually a hostel).

2) To prove your address:
ID showing proof of permanent address, dated from no more than 3 months ago Acceptable ID includes DWP journal entry, Utility bill, Bank statement, Council Tax bill, Benefit, Pension or Tax correspondence, P60 or Payslip, Rent card or Tenancy Agreement, Insurance Certificate, Voter Registration information.

If photo ID is not available then individual arrangements for providing ID can be discussed. Normally this will entail providing 3 documents - 2 to prove the new member's' name (without photo ID) and 1 to prove their address.

Beneficiary Details- As a member of Norwich Credit Union, you can designate a person or people as your beneficiary, to receive any money due under the Life Insurance and Savings Plan of Norwich Credit Union, providing you have fulfilled the agreement of any outstanding loan. You have the right to change your beneficiary. Enter their details below.